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Police detained 60 People in crackdown…
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 Silent March (Marcha Silenciosa)


FIFA Mafia Agent Let Loose (und auf dt.); Police Arrest 60 Teachers and Activists in Crackdown on Anti-Cup Protests


Military Police have arrested at first 6 social activists in Rio de Janeiro and issued “warnings” (threats) to another 60; in another crackdown on social justice protests. Number grew to 21 arrested by noon, apparently for sharing a video which called to protests on the last day of the World Cup. Later, lawyers confirmed that 60 people – activists and teachers and even lawyers – were “preventively arrested” for 5 days so they cannot participate in protests against FIFA.

arrest list
Names of those arrested

Marches against FIFA’s event are to take place in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and other cities. During the crackdown, police used helicopters and many troops. Among the arrested are a lawyer who defended the activists, Eloisa Samy, and a history teacher. Activist Elisa Pinto Sanzio, known as Sinhinho was again arrested, for the 4th time in less than a year. She was captured in her home in Porto Alegre. Lawyers’ activists said the arrests are politically motivated, because their aim is to smother and intimidate the social protests against FIFA. The activists were arrested for the intention to protest FIFA. These arrests are illegal since they are aimed to intimidate anti-FIFA protests tomorrow. 

 Officers displayed objects they had confiscated during the arrests


Another lawyer was arrested because of defending the activists in Rio, and the newspaper Jornal A Nova Democracia was denied access to police press conference. Another proof this is political repression by the state comes from the police themselves: they said they denied journalists access to the conference because in the homes of some of those arrested cops found copies of Jornal A Nova Democracia; so now in Brazil is a crime to read anything other than police orders you to. 

via Jornal A Nova Democracia“This is the most blatant censorship. Not satisfied in making mass arrests, arbitrarily, to prevent the people exercise the right to free expression, the State stripped also freedom of the press, so celebrated for the right bourgeois,” said the newspaper in a statement. “We strongly repudiate the curtailment of our work, as well as the police action jailing dozens of youngsters in Rio de Janeiro.“

Some international outlets were also denied access to police conference.



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