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Indigenous Protests

Veröffentlicht am 28.05.2014

Indigenous Brazilians have joined the Homeless Workers movement in an anti-football World Cup protest in the capital Brasilia.

More than a thousand marched on the national stadium where the tournaments trophy went on public display.


Indigenous Brazilians take anti-World Cup protests to Brazil

Brazil is in the grip of a climate of disobedience as various groups attempt to disrupt the competition, which they claim is too costly for a developing nation.

Those opposed to the World Cup say the event has caused house prices to rise and forced the poor from their homes.

Brazil is desperate to complete the stadia and transport systems in time for the event, which kicks off on the June 12.

More Information: www.euronews.com


Indigenous clash with police in Brazil


Military Police hit six indigenous and shoots over 200 tear gas


During the Second National Indigenous Mobilization, over 600 indigenous manifested during a march to the Mane Garrincha stadium in Brazil. The military police was already aware of it, as they accompanied the entire mobilization since the morning of May 27.

But to get to the stadium, we were greeted with more than 200 tear gas, rubber bullets (fired against six indigenous) and pepper spray.

While the national media has highlighted only the arrow shot, which hits a cop and not disclosed the injury of the natives we publish this video in order to show to the whole society and to the national media the fully aligned to the greed of the Federal Government, which in turn is in the hands of the caucus of the National Congress. Until then, we’ll be at the mercy of our land, our culture, to meet the capital needs of agribusiness?
Watch the video and see what the Brazilian media tried to hide from his own nation: PROTECTING A STADIUM matter who gets hurt. Fatherland?