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We don't like samba

We Don’t Like Samba – documentary film on the social struggles in Brazil


Story behind

“We don´t like samba”, 2014

Until recently, Brazil was one of the shooting-stars of the BRIC states. But after a decade of economic growth, the social cement began to crumble. Many people can no longer see a better future in the credit-based boom of the past years. One year before the World Cup and three years before the Olympics came the big bang. The biggest mass movement in decades emerged after the costs for public transportation rose in June 2013. Inspired by that insurrection, social struggles are now spreading like woldfire: workers going on wildcat strikes, young women mobilizing against the visit of the Pope, people fighting against urbanization projects. And in many favelas, resistance against militarization and displacement is on the rise. “We are not samba dancers” say the striking garbage workers known as “Garis” in one interview. “We are rebels”. They and other rebels tell their story in this documentary: We don’t like Samba.

“We don’t like Samba” made its unofficial premiere at the Fusion Festival, on June 28th 2014.



Public Screenings

28th June | Fusion Festival, Lärz (Unofficial World Premiere)

02nd July | Kottbusser Tor, Berlin Kreuzberg (Unofficial Berlin Premiere)

03rd July | Q-Kino, Manteufelstr. 90, Berlin Kreuzberg

04th July | Frankfurt a.M., BASH-CAMP

06th July | Rosenheim

11th July | Köln King Georg

12 July | Berlin @ Schilling-Bar, Neukölln

12th/13th July | Leipzig @ Filmfestival Flimmergarten

13th July | Köln @ Menschenrechtsfestival, Allerweltshaus Köln e.V.

13th July | Paris @ TBA

13th July | Innsbruck @ Cafe DeCentral

14th July | Lohmühle, Berlin (anschließend Soli-Party für Aktivist_innen aus Brasilien)

23rd July | Berlin, im Mehringhof Versammlungsraum mit Schwarze Risse

31 July | Zürich


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