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Blackwater Trains Killer Police For FIFA’s War On Brazilians
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military police
Military police have a licence to kill in the favelas, in 10 days they shot dead 5 boys and a grandmother.

Blackwater (or “Academi”) mercenaries have trained Brazil‘s killer cops for the World Cup, as the government plans to deploy 170,000 armed troops to crackdown on protests and social movements against FIFA. That would be one killer cop for almost every person they’ve evicted from their land and homes for the World Cup’s stadiums or parking lots.

fascist dictatorship                           
Brazil’s police during the fascist dictatorship… and nowadays. pic via Black Bloc RJ

This is the most contested Cup ever: in 10 major cities there are 5 protests a day, and they will keep growing as FIFA’s event in June approaches. Strikes by workers, professors, doctors and social employees are relentless all over Brazil. The state of Brazil spends hundreds of millions to repress the protests and has employed the most criminal methods.

cops target kids
In particular, cops target kids and young boys.

The most visible protests in the past days were in a favela near the Copacabana, where cops executed two young men and in the north of Rio where cops also killed another woman. The video linked here documents how the military police kill in Brazil. In the past 10 days, cops assassinated 5 young men and one woman standing up in front of cops’ bullets aimed to kill her 10 year old grandson. Since the beginning of this year, one poor person has been killed almost every day by the military police or the state’s army in the working poor communities in Rio de Janeiro alone.

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