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Anti-FIFA Riots – Mercedes dealership in São Paulo smashed
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Protest in São Paulo: Luxury Cars and Banks Vandalized

19.06.2014 São Paulo

A protest organized by the MPL (Free Pass Movement) ended with at least five bank branches, two luxury dealerships and one vehicle of „TV Gazeta“ vandalized on Thursday (19) in São Paulo.

The demonstration brought 1,300 people together, according to Military Police.

Protesters demanded zero cost on public transportation and remembered it was the anniversary from last year’s fare increase reversal after protests on June 2013.

The MPL, hoping to gather 5,000 people, also called for the readmission of the 42 subway workers dismissed during the strike earlier this month.

Protesters wore costumes mocking Governor Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) and Mayor Fernando Haddad (PT).

Among them, there were also Indians armed with bows and arrows claiming for land demarcation.

Masked protesters vandalized at least four bank branches in the region, according to police, they broke car windows of a vehicle from TV Gazeta and sprayed graffiti all over…





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